01 426 carb issue

I was out at the track tonight and after riding for a while I stopped to get some water and noticed that after sitting there for a few minutes my bike was leaking fuel as if the bowl was full. I tapped the bottom of it thinking that the float was stuck and nothing happened. It's not pouring out, just drip drop kind of thing. Do I just need to take it appart and make sure all is clean or would it most likely be something else? The bike would start fine, it would act bogged down and once I cleared it out all would be fine until I stopped again. Any help would be great as I am off riding again Saturday and need to get it fixed! Thanks!!!

Check the float needle and seat, they are probably worn out. Pull it out and check to see if it's grooved about 1/2 way down and if the top is kinda worn and stubby looking. I just had the same problem on my 426 and replacing those parts fixed it. Parts are about $50 and take 10 mins to fix.

The float needle is not sealing against the seat.

A couple of possibilities: a piece of trash is stuck between the needle and seat, the seat could be corroded, the needle could have a wear mark on the rubber tip. Or the float height may just need adjusted.

Cool, I 'll check both of those out and see what I need to do in order to get it fixed. Thanks for the reply and info!

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