New Cylinder - different markings?

My new cylinder arrived today and it has a different marking on it than the original cylinder. On the back of the original cylinder it has "Y-2" cast into it, on the new I just got it has "Y-4" cast into it. Also, I noticed that the part number on the box is 2S2-11311-10 while the part I ordered is 2S2-11311-00-00. I ordered it from my dealer and it does say 'Yamaha genuine parts & accessories' and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. but it looks like some cheap Chinese imitation.

Other than that the cylinder looks identical as far as all bolt holes, water passages, etc. are concerned. The taper at the base of the the bore itself seems to be machined slightly differently however.

One other thing, the finish on the outside of the cylinder is dull or flat compared to the original which is somewhat shiny. The new one is actually kind of ugly...the color of it also uneven.


The 2S2-11311-10-00 ( the last digits are often dropped on box labels if they are zeros) is an '07 cylinder, and will work just fine on yours. Some minor change to it probably, and now supersedes the original.

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