Electrical issues


Basically everything works with the 12 v battery but the regulator doesn't seem to charge the battery.

I get 15-50 ac v out of the stator lead Yellow/white but as soon as I hook it to the regulator the v dropps to about 7 then out of the regulator to the battery it is at 7v.

I cna't figure it out. I am calling baja designs today, again.


I have a new regulator coming under warranty. My fingers are crossed.

One more thing comes to mind. The later XR600 stator has three wires. The black with red stripe is for the ignition. The other are green and yellow/white. Those two are the lighting stator. In the stock setup the green is connected to the frame and the yellow/white is the "hot" wire. When you go to the DC system the green wire MUST NOT be connected to the frame. If it is connected to the frame is basically shorts out part of the AC cycle. It would cause what you see. For DC use the two stator wires should go directly to the DC regulator and should not be connected to anything else.

The green is connected to another green wire in the stock harness, i htink I will check it before I do anymore.

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