Found some small iron particles in filter. ????

I was changing the oil filter on an 01 Yamaha WR 426. There were about 50 small pieces of iron, since they were attracted by a magnet, in the filter. They were slightly smaller than 0.5mm. Maybe even smaller. Should I tear some of the engine down to see if I can find the problem or is this common? I hear no strange noises and it runs great.

Thanks in advance for any help and/or advice.

Okay. Nevermind. I searched some more for this info and came upon some answers. Looks like it's okay. If anyone disagrees, please let me know. Now off to find a new gas tank since mine now has an 8 inc:censored: :thumbsup: h crack in it. :ride:

Hi started to see some material in my 99 yz400. It turned out to be the clutch basket shock springs (not the clutch springs) coming apart.

One more thing, check you mag/flywheel. It sucks up all of the debri in your engine because its a fairly strong magnet spinning in the oil. I found some good sizes of spring material stuck to it. You have to pull the flywheel off to and look inside to see all of the debri.

Thanks for the advice. I investigated it some more tonight and found it to be mostly aluminum with a small amount of steel powder. I will tear into the engine once the snow is here to stay. I figure I can get a few more weekends out of the bike first.

Thanks again.

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