87 cr500 new piston?

On my 87 cr the bore is in spec but there is no more cross hatching. Can I just do a quick ball hone and slap the piston in as long as it's still in spec? Or are there some special things I should know about?

take the extra time to measure a new piston and calculate the actual piston/cylinder clearance..that is the clearance the engine will notice.. check that and out-of-round, taper and physical condition.. if you're getting good after good after good.. sweet!.. de-glaze with a ball hone and run it... if you're lucky enough to have multiple pistons to choose from(like a dealers inventory) measure 'em all and pick the biggest one (for your correct bore size of course)and tighten 'er up a bit

Good advice. I have only had to rebuild my '87 CR500 once, due to coolant meltdown. This CR has never left me stranded(except once), even through dice runs, MX trax, quarrys, flips, spills, collisions(HEAVY sportsman), and a deer. I have not met anyone else with this year bike. It has been murder on my body, but is a blast to ride!!. You can make a lot of power with that motor. Really pisses off my 650R buddies!!!

Really pisses off my 650R buddies!!!

I know... I had an 86 I bought new and ran for years.. great machine.. and this was back when people still had xl600s and TT500s and others.... used to talk smack 'bout fourstroke hill climbing and how they would eat my 500 'cuz they had some 600 piston or whatever the lie of the day was.... 1 blast of roost from the rapidly disappearing CR and all of a sudden the talk would turn to the weather... HHaaaa Haaaaaaa HHHHHHHaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I liked the 87 n 88 500 the best.

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