Yz450 07 Tank Bolts Stripped :confused:

Hi guys,

On a 07 450 there are 4 bolts holding each side radiator shroud in place.

The bolt closest to the back of the bike (not the one under the seat) has become seized. ( I think from the clearing chemicals i use)

When i have tried to remove the bolt the insert that is in the tank just turns. I have tried tapping the bolt to crack the seal as it were. No luck :busted:

Anyone else have this problem? Oh and its on both sides of the bike. Any suggestions on how to remove it now without buying a new tank :ride:

And before anyone asks... No i didnt over tighten them, they have seized from the cleaning chemical i use ( is my best guess) and i have since lubed each of those remaining bolts with copper compound to make sure they too don't get seized in.

Any info is much appreciated.... :thumbsup:

Thanks for the link... although melting the tank leaves me a little worried..

I have an 07 and mine did the same thing. Mine was like that the frist time i tried to take them off. How have you made out with yours.

Well last night i managed to drill them both out carefully.

First i put a small 3mm bit in as a pilot whole, then i used a 6mm bit. As soon as the 6mm bit got past the head of the bolt, the bolts head came off.

Now i have taken an M6 bolt and cut the head off, to basically give me a stud. Then i cut a slot into the one end of the stud with a very thin grinding disc.

Then i mixed up some epoxy and pushed it into the bolt whole and screwed the stud in. Now if when i ever take the shrouds off again, then i can at least hold the stud with a flat screwdriver while loosening the nut if the insert starts to turn again. Might not be the prettiest fix. But it sure beats destroying the tank to get it off.


Here is what mine looks like now....


Good idea!

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