2006 Valve Timing

Putting my motor back together and when I installed the camshafts/cam chain with the timing marks on the cams level with the top of the cylinder head I counted 13 pins on the chain between the top marks on the camshaft. The illustration in the manual shows 14 pins. If I adjust it to a 14 pins then the timing marks do not line up as well with the top of the cylinder head...which way is correct?

You would think this is something that I would have taken note of on disassembly, huh? :thumbsup:

You don't time cams by counting the pins between the top marks, unless doing an installation of a 450 cam in a 426. You have to in that case because the marks on the cam are for a different head.

Line up the crank at TDC, set the exhaust cam in place, draw the front side of the chain tight, and line up the timing marks (one at "12:00", and one lined up with the head at "9:00"). Then set the intake, draw the top of the chain tight and line up the marks (one at "12:00" and one lined up with the head at "3:00"). Note: earlier intake cams will have 3 marks; "E", a punch at "12:00", and "I". With this sprocket, align the "I" with the head at "3:00"

Then carefully move the engine back to TDC if necessary, press in on the back of the chain and recheck everything. Check it again after the tensioner is in place.

The pin count on a 450, BTW, should be 13.

Thanks Gray...it seemed correct to me until I counted the pins on the diagram in the manual, then I started to second guess myself.

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