Front Brake Reservoir Interchangeability

Hi Folks, I’m new here. Actually I’ve been reading it for a couple of years, but I’ve never posted before. I’ve learned tons so far, and I’m pretty adept at using the search feature, but haven’t been able to find an answer to my current problem:

I’ve run into an issue while in the process of replacing the leak-prone front end on my kid’s 1996 XR200 with something better. I’ve been buying used CRF230 front-end parts to eventually install it all onto his bike. I’ve got most if it; (fork assembly, axles, brake caliper hose etc). Thought I had a line on a brake reservoir for it, but some Bo-hunk on eBay bid way more than I’m willing to pay for one.

Onto the issue:

If I look at the stock CRF230 reservoir (45510-kps-901), side by side it *looks* exactly like the reservoir on all Honda’s other off-road bikes, but if go to Ron and do a cross-reference on the part number, the only bikes that use that use it are the CRF230 and the CRF150. It makes ‘em real hard to find used...

The cross reference shows that the CR125, CR250, CR500, CRF250, CRF450, XR250, XR400 and the XR650 all use a common reservoir (45510-kce-671). As a result it’s very easy to find them used.

The difference may likely be the bore size, or ??? So what can I expect if I install the more common reservoir on his bike?

Also, I’m looking for a CRF230 front wheel assy (or even a CRF230 hub). If anyone knows of one that’s for sale, could you let me know?

Thanks for listening!



this is posted in a few spots….

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