Dan Lorenze, where are you?

Hey, Dan,

We haven't heard from you in a while. Paul and I are trying to get Ron and you together for a Mojave blast. Are you still up for it?


Dan, Im alive and well!! I was in NYC for the week working on a TV show. Im back now and loving the weather here in SoCal. On Sunday im going to Vancouver BC for another show and I'll be back later in the week just in time for the "Terrible's Town 250". So after next weekend I'll be ready to rip in Mojave with you,Paul and Ronny!!

PS, Im bringing some extra dough to Canada just in case I pass by a KTM dealer but I should really wait for my WR450.

Peace, DL :)

Hey Dan,

Got your pm. Looking forward to it. Looks like April 13,14 is the weekend. Email me when you get back. I'll let Paul and Ron know in the meantime.


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