how to strip epoxy from stator poles?

i'm doing the stator rewind( stripp stator of all wires cept for the ignition colis)

fitst ? is ... how doyou get the eopxy off of the stator scrap witha knife? screwdriver???


not done this yet, but i know carb spray in can eats up alot of junk. maybe with a wire brush too.

Maybe try aircraft stripper?

grrr. i'm in the middle of it and its annoying me!!!!!

just stripped off al the copper wire.... now i'm attacking the expoxt....


Nothing will dissolve it. All you can do is chip, cut, file, sand, or grind it off. Be careful though, you don't want to get into the core. The forms need to be nice and smooth or the insulation on the new wire will get scraped off.

crap... i chipped it..

this is so not worth it.. and painfully slow unles i'm doing it wrong

the epoxy is gray obviously... i scrape it off but i also scrape off something beige and then underneath it is bare metal... do i strip to the metal??

because there is no way to scrape jus the epoxy off.

I plan to do mine soon. If you're redoing the lighting poles then yes you need to take the metal wire off of the plastic stator pole. Once you get a piece of wire started you should be able to pull the rest . Be sure not to touch and scrape the ignition poles!

ok so so i decided that to totally strip the pols of all epoxy is impossible so i just wound the stator with the wire. new thread .. different questionn

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