Adding to the Stable?!?

Hey Guys...After much thought into converting my DRZ400SM to dirt, I have decided on getting a dedicated dirt bike to add to the garage. I have found a '01 YZ426F with FMF full pipe, hydraulic clutch and seems in really nice shape. I haven't started it yet, hopefully will get to do that in the next couple of days...but had two questions:

1) Is there anything I should look for that would show it hasn't been beat or hidden things I should look for when I check it out again? (I had memorized the starting procedure, so hopefully I get past that!)

2)If it checks out, does $1700 sound like a good deal?

I plan on doing some track riding for fun and trails. Not worried about the weight since I am a bigger guy, but I am also considering a CR250 also since it is $500 cheaper.

Any help would be appreciated!!!!

ANYONE???? :thumbsup:

Ok....before you buy that thing man... check under the frame! That's number one. I bought a yz250 that had a cave in on the bottom of the frame under the skidplate:foul: ( I had to fill it in with solid weld). The seller hidden it with the skidplate. We also own a 02 wr426 and all i gotta say is that the yz426 is one of the most durable bikes made. I would say it's more durable than my stupid aluminum framed 450f. For the kinds of things your going to be doing --half track ,half trail, and your a heavy guy...the 426 has plenty of torque to haul you around. Don't get a CR i had a CR and the Mikuni carbs they had are crap:thumbsdn: .

1700 sounds ok....I would say that would be great. I believe they are going for 23-2500 now.

I have had that bike. The starting thing is easy once you do it, no problem. The price sounds good. Just look it over like any other bike. I can't remember any specific problems I had that another bike wouldn't have. My buddy bought one new, rode it for 6 years and beat it bad. It took it all, never gave in, and he still got $2k for it last month. That was a 2000 model as was mine.

Thanks for the reply guys...I went and checked it out again and it looks solid. There wasn't a thing I could find wrong with it. It took one kick to get the hang of the starting procedure and two more after that and it fired right up!! The CR250 that I also looked at, we never did get it started! And I thought this 426 was going to be the hard one to start!!! As soon as the owner gets back into town, I hope to pick this thing up.

Thanks again!!!

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