xr600r full electrics conversion — no battery

I have finally achieved full DC electic power for 60/55W headlight, horn, blinkers, brake/tail light — without a battery. To do this I used:

1. Ricky stator 200 Watt stator, single output mode.

2. Podtronics "high output" 200 Watt regulator/rectifier. You have to mount this thing out in the breeze because it gets warm.

3. Bat-pac battery eliminator.

The Ricky stator was a straightforward bolt-on install. No grinding of the inner case was necessary as with some other vendors. The hardest part was scraping off the old gasket. The most pleasant surprise came when I tried the horn: no more strangled frog sound, just a nice loud horn. Nothing dims when the brake light or blinkers are activated.

Here are a couple of pics of the set-up. The regulator/rectifier bolts directly to the skid-plate, and the holes just happened to line up perfectly. The skid plate should provide an addtional heat sink. With all 200 watts of stator going through the unit, it does get warm. The second pic shows the whole bike that is now set up like the Aussie xr600r — full electrics and no battery.



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