1993 XR 600R, more oil to head???

You guys are always so helpful, so I thought I'd pick your brains on this one;) I'm going to have to rebuild my baby, '93 XR 600R, partly because I broke the shift spindle, partly because it needs new rings, and lastly partly because I have worn down the cam lobe on the left exhaust valve. Here's what I'm wondering: I have heard from guys on this site that the cam lobe wear is due to an engineering flaw that limits the amount of oil delivered to the head because the only source of oil to the head is the miniscule oil line that runs up the right backside of the cylinder. This being the furthest spot from the left exhaust lobe, it doesn't get a sufficient amount of oil. What I'm wondering, is if anyone here has experimented or heard of anyone running a separate oil line from that one oil line over the top of the valve cover, or behind it, to provide more oil to that area of the head? I'm trying to cook something up myself, but thought I'd see if anyone here had already tried and failed/succeeded. Open to any suggestions, thanks in advance.

I thought I had read somewhere about someone drilling and tapping for hose fittings, and running a larger hose where the line is now.

I run a braided cam line to the head but I dont think it increases the flow, though it doesnt have the scary looking kinks in it that the OE pipe does!

IMO, I think it could be more trouble than its worth trying to add additional oil lines to the head. Increase the flow to the head and then the pressure to the crank/Big end reduces as theyre both fed from the same chamber on the RHS engine cover.

It would be easier to just ensure that your oil pump in in good condition and working properly, and that the cam supply is ok after every oil change. This should stop 9 out of 10 cam starvation problems.

If you want a braided line for the head (All stainless with swaged fittings) then feel free to drop me a PM as I have a new one in stock and am willing to post worldwide.


+1 on the oil pump. as long as your tube doesnt have any kinks or bad bends it is just fine. just look at stephos 70 HP bike on his avatar. stock oil tube.

if you are worried about oil in the head after an oil change, just fill the cyl head with new oil through the left exhaust valve cap. then i take a rubber heater hose and blow into the oil fill at the top of the frame(with the banjo bolt disconnected) and blow until oil squirts out the bolt at the head. tighten the bolt and start it. cant get any better of a prime job than that!

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