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how it all started

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i've been around here for just under two years and was lucky enough to read (in the archives)from the very first post by bryan on his new website.

with the exception of the KLX300R i don't think there's been another enduro that needed as much fettling as the first '98 WR did.

and yet it was the dogs gonads at the time!!

imagine if people hadn't been so succesful at modifying their machines and they'd been, well you know, er orange!!! (perish the thought!!)

but ask yourself this; would the site have grown to what it is if the bikes had been just about spot on?

makes you think :)


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I think that rather than the technical side of jetting etc. it would have been more about upgrades for the sake of it and the stories of trail rides and broken bones... :)

Looking back just makes you realise that the blue bikes, although not revolutionary technology in themselves per se, were a revolutionary package of technology that set a new bench mark for off-road bikes. Of course other makes have their good and bad points (both then and now), but the WR/YZ F's got their act together first, and are still dominant in a many ways, - that is healthy, because other manufactures have something higher to aim for, and we, as riders, all benefit in the long run... no matter what colour we end up riding...

Looking forward to the next two years, and beyond - may we all live in interesting times...

TT was in the right place at the right time, and the right people made it what it is today - a great source of info and a platform for the exchange of ideas and rider support - whether it is how to get our wives to let us spend more money on our bikes, or how to get our governments to keep their noses out of our business and let us continue to ride...


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