bike magazine recommendations...???

I am subscribed to MXA and Dirt Rider (easily my favorite).

I CANNOT tolerate Dirt Bike.

I am not in it for the pictures, rather tests, evaluations, technical stuff, etc.

No Harley rags either :)

For racing it's RACER X and Cyclenews. Yes Dirt Rider is the best allaround OffRoad Magazine. I have heard or read that there is going to be a new magazine for OffRoad Riding only, no MX or Supercross. I am trying to find more info can anyone help.

NH Kevin you must have a subscription to TRAIL RIDER THe Best OffRoad Magazine (mostley for euro bike riders) They have some of the best technical and riding articles.

Ride Safe, Ride Often and Have Fun :)

Dirt Rider..Yes

Cycle News..Yes


Dirt Bike...No

MXA and Dirt Bike are the same publishing company. Those are the same fools who told to NEVER use race gas in the YZ-F's. They are bias, opinionated and uninformed reporting publications.


The new off road magazine I think you are talking about might be "REV". I just bought the first issue off the newstand and it looks like it has potential. As of right now, it is only produced three times a year. Oh well, if enough people are interested, maybe it will become monthly.

I rank them as follows,

First - Dirt Rider & Trail Rider - equally informative - technically, skills training, industry and race coverage. I do feel that they are biased and have been purchased by the major manufacturers and the larger aftermarket hop-up shops. They do however, test and praise smaller shops and aftermarket products.

Second - Cycle News & Racer X - both offer excellent race coverage.

Last - Dirt Bike, MXA, MX Racer, Transworld Motocross. These mags have sold out to the advertisers so much that they are now no more than a catalog of every large supplier to the off road motorcycle industry. Their shootouts are rated by the amount that company wishes to spend with them. All of these mags have probably 70% of the pages as full page billboards for the large companies. If those advertisers got together and produced their own magazines (catalogs) there would be just about the same amount of usable info as these offer.

I WILL be looking at Trail Rider and racer X!!

Thanks Fellas!

From the "Ride Free or Die State"

RACERX..........without a doubt the best mag for staying abreast of the current mx scene and some coverage of the off-road series such as the GNCC's and WORSC. Very few ad's comparativly speaking, good staff writers and some great guest writers.

I can read most mags in a couple of hours, not RacerX. Haven't read anything as good, since the Hunk left DB.


Ilike all types of bikes, I'm just getting into the Harescrambles, I like Road Racing, Motocross and Supercross are okay, Speedway is cool, Trials , Been Riding Flat Track for ages. Cycle News is the only one that covers them all, and it comes every week. Oh yeah, can't forget Easy riders, gotta have my monthly dose of Biker Chick Titties( that is until I make the yearly pilgrimage to sturgis to see them in person). :)

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