YZ426 ... heated grip capability

I have a 2000 426 and I miss my heated grips on my old YZ250. I had to upgrade the stator/coil to a lighting stator in my YZ250 due to its MX nature. Will I have to upgrade the stator/coil in my YZ426 as well, du to the MX nature of this bike as well?

Are there better brands than others for stators? I have heard Ricky Stator is the best, is that realistic?

Thanks for your help.:thumbsup:

The 426 has the capability of running the flywheel and stator from a WR426. You can get the Stock YZ one rewound, but they can be less than dependable at times.

Great thanks, that sounds good to me. I was wanting to up the weight of my flywheel anyway since I do 95% tight woods riding.

The stock stator has power to run heated grips , You have to do a Floating ground on the stator

Floating ground...sweet, that is even better to know. Thank you for your help.

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