WR450 or the KTM 530 EXC???

well i have a WR and I love it. I think my next bie will be a KTM 530 just because KTM makes that big displacement bike and I'm a bigger guy.

After owning two WRs I was positive that my next bike was going to be an 08 WR, but here in PA the DMV regs were changed to make it much more difficult to plate a dirt bike. If I don't have a plate my riding is cut in half and there is virtually no winter riding.

KTMs are excellent bikes if the new WRs were plated and the new KTMs were less $$$ then it would really be a coin flip for me. As it is a new EXC is plated from the shop and that makes up for the cost delta for me.

you have to tune the intake and exhaust on all modern 4 strokes no matter if they are blue, orange, green or red, they will be lean and clogged up. sure the wr is a little more plugged up than others but it only equates to an extra half hour in the garage.

So later this year I will be on a bright orange beast, but if I could plate a WR then I would stick to the blue

Hi Cade,

Got an '07 WR450 at Vickery in July. Very nice...had the std mods done and had a little suspension work done. 3rd WR for me...I have ridden a KTM, [450EXC], felt comfortable, handled well, owner said it was back at Fay Myers quite a bit for wrench work.

Plating was a breeze and they are reliable as hell...that was my tie-breaker.


If the dealers won't let you ride one, contact me...

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