Rear Master Cylinder upgrade

DOes anyone know, or has anyone swapped a new style rear MC from say an 04/05 YZ250f to a 98 YZ400F?? My pipe is melting the resevoir on the old style setup and I think if a newer style MC would fit I wouldnt have this problem.

I have made this swap to an '01 before, and it worked fine. The only problem was the lug that originally mounted the plastic reservoir was in the way, and had to be cut off, and that the cover cannot be removed from the master cylinder while it's bolted in place. You must pull the upper bolt and rock the cylinder back to check or add fluid, as when you are bleeding it. Otherwise, it makes a good upgrade.

Here's a pic of an 04 master cyliner on my 01 WR426. If you have frame guards, they won't fit right with the newer master, but a set from an 03-05 YZF can be modified to work. As Gray said, it's a good upgrade.


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