db of `00 yz426?

Curious of what the possible decible level would be on a 2000 YZ426f with a Supertrapp with 6discs, compared to say 10discs.:ride:

Anyone have this setup and been sound tested?


i have a wb e on my 400. when i bought it it had 8 discs and i own a db meter.

with the 8 discs and the db meter sitting on the seat it would idle at 98db and hit 100 db with any throttle. I dropped to 4 discs which is the min on the e and it dropped it to 94 db at idle with the db meter in the same position.

I am still looking for something quieter. with 8 discs, my ears would ring for days, I can ride it now without them ringing.....

not sure how the supertrapp compares to the e, but that is how mine reacted.

hmmm...never thought about buying my own db meter....and a quick google search came up with some $60 options. Not bad.

i got mine at radio shack, get the digital kind, it is easier to read. i do some audio mixing part time and some of the guys have the expensive ones and mine usually always reads within 1 db of what they do. I have had mine about 4 yrs and I think it was 35.00

check to see how they are going to measure you. the db meters have a "weighting" button which is a scale A scale or C scale i think.

If you are going to get measured, they will be able to tell you what scale they are going to use. I was shocked how loud my bike was....

and remember as a db goes, each 10 db increase is twice as loud.

ie 100 is twice as loud as 90 and so on...


<marching to RadioShack>

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