Red XRL Rims???

Does anyone know where to get "TWO" red rims for an 05 XR L? Excell only makes a rear one right? Could I have them powder coated? I like the shiny glare, I dont want them to be dull. Will they scratch? Anyone with Info? :thumbsup:

Got black on a 250x and they do scratch,some red bling fade's over time and look's pink. My buddy like's red bling but it just does'nt hold up,look's cool when new.

Ya, I dont think I like the pink very much. Think I might get black. How does it hold up to scratches? Do they turn silver? What do you know about gold?

Pink is a color for a nitro fed 2-stroke 200hp lol!!!!!!! Doesn't matter what color at that pace.

irregardless of what color powdercoat, if its been done correctly (and with good powder) it should retain its shine an chip resistance that far exceeds that of paint

awesome, thanks!

Check this guy out. He does great work. A couple friends of mine and I have used him and the work is very good.

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