Cheap Light Help

Without dropping buck for a trick Baja Designs headlight system and rewound stators, I thought I would ask you all if there is anything I could do to tweak my stock lights without creating a nightmare.

I think the WR puts out a decent beam, but more is always better. I ride it on the road and people just dont see me. And when its warm enough, I like to ride at night

I would like to get something better for the tail light also even if I have to spend a little more on that.

Maybe I should just stay off the road.

Go to a car parts store and buy a xenon bulb. Its about twice as bright as the stock one.

I got an acerbis cyclope... its got two 55 w bulbs... I swear its brighter than my truck, but it dims at idle real bad.... thats on my 426 though. I'm sure w/ a battery (like a wr450) it wont dip at idle as much. The brightest light Ive seen on a dual sport was on a xr 650 with a battery, rewound stator, and a huge, ugly, round headlight... It was blinding!

Take out the taillight lamp and replace it with 2 two led trailer marker lamps. One for the taillight and one for the stop light. Try searching this forum for headlight replacement. I built my own from some driving lights and have it posted on here.

you do know that the rewiring kit for you stator is only 40 bucks.It only took me an hour and a half to install the was very ez

hey, need help too!!!

i'm putting a CYCLOPE too,do i need to do rewiring kit for my stator or its ok stock?and looks lie i have to buy a switch hi-low?

thank you!!!!

you can always just try it but it will be close to running out of juice .as far as a high low switch you can just pick high or low and wire that one only . Me myself I would get a switch and a stator rewiring kit ,I don't like doing things twice . if you rewire the stator it's an ez light hookup thru a switch is also a kill switch for the bike . so when you turn the lights off the battery is also off. Are you road riding with turn signals?

If you really want a good light, forget about the Halogen lights althgether. Go for the HID system. They only draw about 35 W while on but they do draw about 100 W during a brief startup so you need a battery that can handle that. These conversion systems are getting really cheap. (check the link) This gets you enough hardware for two motorcycle setups. You do need a 12V DC electrical source so you will have to rectify your stock AC current which is easy. These lights are VERY bright and all the Baja racers use them.

well im thinking for signals too,does that matter much,they dont take much power, or atleast thats what i think. where i should buy the rewiring kit from?

thank you!

My 07 wr450 I just got all the pieces and wired it myself. mainly because no one really offered a kit that fit right at the time ,I'm not really sure that someone do now.

here's a parts break down of that.

26 blaster key switch

59 turn signal switch

16 led turn signal relay

26 led turn signals X 2 sets

8 horn

5 isolation relay

18 hyd. brake light switch x 2

then I used wire I had and solder and shrink tubing

Now My 2006 crf250x I bought a wrong baja designs kit off of e-bay for 200

the kit I got was for a 2002-2004 crf450r alot of the stuff in the kit was over kill .So I mildly rewired the kit . the kit was for a bike with no charging system . so I pulled the voltage regulator and the battery and some brackets then I had to get a front brake light switch and added a circuit for that.

so I did that bike for like 220 or so.

as far as what looks better the wr wins hands down . but the crf was much easier

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