Used and abused DOT tires

Anyone have a set of used DOT approved tires that will fit my '01 426? I want to be street legal, but I don't have the $$$ for a new set of DOT tires especially since the original Dunlops are virtually new.

My idea was to buy some throw-away DOT tires from someone here for the DMV inspection only and then put the originals back on. I don't plan on riding on the road much, but if necessary I want to be legal, or at least have a valid plate.

So...anyone got some DOT's they want to get rid of? As long as it says "approved for street use" or whatever it does not matter what condition.


Yesterday, I replaced a rear Kenda Trakmaster that's trashed but it's DOT approved. You can have it if you want it. I'm in Florida so shipping may be expensive.


Let us know how the inspection goes. I plan on getting my WR street legal too. Just to stay out of trouble when trail riding or in case I want to join the CCC. I am close enough, maybe I could borrow the DOT tires you get for my inspection too.

Tim Heslip

Farmington Hills, mi

If you contact any of the baja tour groups I think they will send you dot tires for cheap. is one that had a stack of half smoked dunlop dot tires in their storage that they wanted to give away.

Pooley, great idea on the DOT tires. I keep telling myself I'm going to get my bike licensed but other projects keep getting in the way. Several guys that have done this in Mich told me the tires weren't even inspected. Did you put a dual sport kit on your bike?

I think my supervisor at work may have a set of universals he took off DR650 when he put knobbies on it. I will check with him Tuesday and see if these tires are available.

If the tires are available, and I get off my butt and get the HI/LOW switch wired in, we might be able to mount the tires on one set of wheels and just swap wheels to get through the inspection.

Tim, wern't you a Nighthawk Member Last year?

That would be a great idea to just swap the tires for the inspection. I did not get the baja designs kit, just got the needed parts, 3 way switch, hydraulic brake switch, mirror, lighted license plate holder and tricycle horn, and hope to do the conversion this week. As far as the inspection goes, do you know if you have to get an appointment from the Secretary of State or local precinct? I may try first with the stock tires and if I fail, try again with the DOT's.

Shipping tires almost always involves a surcharge. It may not be much of a savings over just putting a good set on. The Kenda Trakmaster II's have worked well for me, and I'm always ready for an inspection. Yes, every cop knows that is the first thing to check... besides, they will last far longer if you ride on-road than most off-road tires will.


I have a Pirelli MT21 front tire that you can have. I may have a rear MT21 available in a month or so if you can wait that long.

Let me know if you'd like me to send the front.


olson jr

check your PM


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