Cold garage = hard to turn the wheel?

Does everyone experience this in the colder months? Is this a good sign of my steering stem needing regreased or what? My garage isn't heated and the past couple days every time I go out the steering is very stiff while the bike is on the stand. After 4-5 turns it loosens up but I just want to be sure it will be OK to leave as it thru the winter. Thanks.

I'd pull it apart and grease it. Its good to do a little preventative maintenance from time to time. :thumbsup:

I agree with the "pull it apart" method. It could have moisture from the last washing, probably be pretty good to get that out and repack with a good waterproof grease.

Never, ever, ever, ever put the newer Yamaha 450Fs to bed for the winter without regreasing the steering bearings. And do the swingarm, linkage, and axles while you are at it. When you take the shock off, drain the carb bowl AND the AP reservoir.

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