What kind of Aluminum Handguards to buy?

I'm going to be purchasing handguards soon, and would like all of your inputs towards which ones I should consider. All of the ones I have seen, everybody cuts there clutch lever down to make them fit. I hope to not to have to do that. What do you guys think?

Enduro Engineering makes wonderful alumnum bark busters. They are roomy and you dont have to cut down the clutch. They also sell plastic guards that fit over the aluminum guards to give even better protection. I have heard some incredible things about them. You can check the ou at http://www.enduroeng.com/

Thanks James-GT. They do look like a good buy. Do you own a set?

I have a pair of EE. They are great.

And the plastic brush guards are indestructable.

MO Milkman, those are the exact words I wanted to hear! My riding style demands the best!! Thanks for the info.

I use the Acerbis Ralley Pro handguards, and really like them. I like my clutch lever fairly low, so it actually rests below the bottom of the handguards, so no interference. Very strong handguards.

I use the GYT-R Aluminum Guards, They work great but are on the expensive side with the Tripple Clamp mounts.



Bonzai :)

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Yamakaze, thanks for the info and photo's. They look pretty trick. I guess I'll either try EE's or GYTR's. Thanks guys

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