Race Report!

I Entered my first southern california desert race last weekend! Had a great time and the WR426 was incredible. I rode in the Novice 4 stroke class which put me out for two 40 mile loops. Needless to say I was thrashed at the end of the race but everything about the WR made the race so much fun including a 10 mile 5th gear stretch that I was able to test the top speed on. I finished mid pack someplace and very happy with that as my goal was just to get the checkers at the end of day.

Nice job!!!!! It takes alot of courage to go out and race a big event like that for the first time. Let's see some more photos...... Congratulations on finishing, it makes the drive home that much sweeter!!!!

Keep it up


Thanks Dan! Maybe one day I'll be chasing you down some dusty stretch of desert (yeah right!!) Up until this month when I took my first long ride in the desert Ive only ridden and raced motocross. I thought the start of a moto race was crazy. this Bomb Run start out in the open desert is crazy! fun though. Do you ever race local?

Years ago, the start of a desert race was unlike anything else in the world. Dead silence while the banner was raised, then 300-500 engines all roaring to life at exactly the same instant. Can you imagine the Barstow to Vegas with 1500+???

I can think of nothing more exciting.

Glad you had a good time. Maybe all the SoCal TT guys can get together for a local Hare and Hound???


"Maybe all the SoCal TT guys can get together for a local Hare and Hound???


Sounds cool to me Dan. Seeing how 'desert season' is starting to come around.

There are quite a few races coming up this year in the local desert areas. lets talk about it!

Ive got a few more pics of the race here:

Streetmoto's moto pics

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