Should I or Shouldn't I Sell My WR?

A few months ago I purchased a KTM520EXC. The bike handles fantastic in the woods. I haven't had it in the desert yet. But, here is my dilema. I have a 00WR400F which I love. I have ridden it everywhere and it does fantastic. I do race a few Hare Scrambles a year but am old and slow. I am mostly just a trail rider. The WR has a California Green sticker and a plate. I have a Baja Designs kit that I have never installed on it. I know I should sell it but just can't seem to bring myself to do it. The only complaint I have ever had with the bike is the loud exhaust. I recently put an FMF Q pipe on it which isn't too bad. What would you do in my circumstance? Sell or just keep it? I know how this must sound. But, I really do love my WR. I would just like to get some other opinions. I really don't need two bikes. As good as the KTM is, I still like my Yamaha better. Please don't ask me to try and explain that one. I know the majic button is cool and all that. But, my leg still works fine. I have never had a problem starting my WR. Please be kind with me as I struggle through this. Paul

AAAhhh Grasshopper!!!

Sometimes you reach a point in life where it's not what you need... But what you want!!

You should consider how fortunate you are to be in this dilema.. It almost sounds you are closer to selling the KTM, but just maybe haven't admitted it to yourself yet..

Just a thought..


(hell,just keep-em both!)

Keep them both. And ride your brains out. You have no problem. Enjoy your bikes. Have fun and enjoy life.

I never thought I would hear anyone say they like the WR over the KTM let alone own both.

My problem would be not witch one to sell but

witch one am I going to ride today.

Keep both and put the street legal kit on the WR.

Tell the wife it"s your street bike.

I have sold bikes in the past to upgrade to

newer bikes. If I could have keept all of them I would have.

I never thought I would hear anyone say they like the WR over the KTM let alone own both.

My problem would be not witch one to sell but

witch one am I going to ride today.

Keep both and put the street legal kit on the WR.

Tell the wife it"s your street bike.

I have sold bikes in the past to upgrade to

newer bikes. If I could have keept all of them I would have.


What a dilemma. I'd keep the WR for riding buddies who don't have a ride cause theirs is broke or for a friend who doesn't own a bike.

I have a Husky Automatic for this purpose, most nonriders who have ridden it have had very little problems adapting to it.

If you want to sell the Baja Designs dual sport kit send me an E-mail,

You don't NEED two bikes?

You don't NEED one bike.

You don't NEED a nice truck or car.

Actually, you don't NEED indoor plumbing, a furnace or a fridge.

I say keep both bikes, enjoy both bikes, and let the rest of us ThumperTalkers live vicariously through you!


Bryan in Denver...

Paul, I have always thought that I should own two bikes. If I had it my way I would own a completely legal dualsport bike for fun around town and some long distance rides, in my opinion your DRZs is perfect for that. (I love that bike). And then I would have an all out racing machine, it's hard to beat the KTM for that purpose. And then you have Your WR. It's a great all around bike that does everything very good. I love my bike but even I know it doesn't beat out the KTM as a serious race bike and it's not a better (true) dualsport than an "S" model DRZ.(just my opinion)

In conclusion, I think you already have all of your bases covered in the dirtbike arena with the KTM and Suzuki, If you sold your WR you could probably get the price you want since you have a plate on it.

But then again what do I know?

Dan :)

sell them both and go buy a new 02 wr 426 :)


How about having one bike down in SoCal and one at home? Doesn't someone you know ride an old 1986 TT350? Maybe they could keep an eye on it for you. :)

See ya soon -


I say, sell them both & buy a new 03 WR??? with the estart & lighter weight. Before you sell the 00WR, take all you goodies off of it for the 03, & pray that they will fit!

David....Take your Goat Smellin A$$ back to work! I bought some stock in the company you work for....Now go make me some money!

Paul....You should not sell your WR cause I am lookin forward to trading exhaust systems with you....

Atleast I was honest about it.....

Bonzai :)

oooooooooooooooppppppppppppppsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Buddy bike. Backup bike. :)

I wont sell my WR250F when I eventually get a new KTM (or WR450 with a button???).


Is your KTM a green or red sticker bike? I think you ride primarily in areas that are red sticker legal year round. Is this correct? How often do you ride the DR and is it even comparable to the WR on those rides requiring a green sticker or liscense plate? Which street legal bike will you be riding at Reno in June?

If I had the same dilemma I'd probably sell the WR since most of my riding is in areas that don't have a red sticker season - open year round. On the other hand, if you don't need the money and don't mind the O&M $ on the 3rd bike keep it. I'm seriously looking at a 520EXC in the next year or so - '03 EXC/G - and if I can't get a G model at a reasonable price I'll keep my '99 WR since it is dual registered.

I feel sooooo sorry for you :)


Sell the WR and take the money to a suspension shop and have the boingers worked for the katoom. Then you will like it as much as the WR. At least that was my big beef with the katoom, I sold it and now just have the YZ. You already bought all the desert stuff for the KTM, keep it.

Hey Paul,

You know the WR is worth its weight in GOLD as a '00 model with green sticker AND plate!

You know the KTM is the hot ticket right now for racing (at least everyone in the free world says so). If you can afford both, keep them. If the wife wants one gone, I'd sell the Suzook since you can Dual Sport the WR. Come to think of it, you may even be able to convert the KTM to Dual Sport if you do it quickly (before the EPA goons force CA DMV to outlaw it). What the hell, keep it a race bike and have fun with it.

I see your dilemma.

I want an old Husky 450 Desert Master for vintage racing but my wife just rolls her eyes when I begin to talk about it.



Is there a history of mental illness in your family??? :) . Why don't you sell Huge your 520 so he'll stop drooling over mine.


Hi, newbie lurker here (selling my '96 KLX650R so I can get a WR400 or 426 or 250F). I have a buddy that has a nicely setup WR400 and a 520 E/XC too.


I say sell your WR to me, and keep your killer 520. A few weeks ago he brought along his WR to a technical woods ride we took so I could try it out. He also let me try his 520. Another guy let me ride his nicely setup 2000 YZ125. I also rode an older KDX200.

And WOW! I want a WR! Or a 520! That ride sealed the deal. I had no idea what I was missing.

For some strange reason, no one wanted to ride my KLX? What's with that? :) Ha ha!

Anyway, I say if you can afford to keep both, keep them. If you're thinking of selling the WR let me know how much you want for it.


Wow. Deja vue! Ihave an 01 520 and a 99WR 400 with the Baja Designs kit and I love them both. When I bought the KTM I sold my 99 WR but I missed it so much I bought another one 2 months later. I use the KTM as my race bike and the WR as my play bike. The best of both worlds. In fact I like to ride my Yamaha when I'm with my KTM buddies and vice versa. Keeps the bench racing interesting. If you got room in the garage I'd keep em both.

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