Should I or Shouldn't I Sell My WR?

Wow, we should all have this problem. If it were me & I absolutely had to get rid of one it would be the WR. First the WR is much easier to find if you discover that you made a mistake. There are no "waiting lists" on WR's like there are on EXC's. The Katooms button & the fact you can have the suspension massaged to resemble what the WR does is another reason keep this one. There's always the DRZ too. Why not get rid of that one & keep your best two? :)

Being one with 5 street and 2 dirt bikes in my crowded waaay-to-small garage... I'm on the side of keeping them both. :)

a) You can split your wear and tear between 2 bikes so both will last longer.

:D You have one ride if the other does a serious burn down requiring ordering of parts

c) You have one to lend to your buds when they show up.

d) You get the amusement of the looks on peoples faces when you say "yeah I have several bikes" ...they never understand :D

e) Each bike becomes a tool for a specific terrain.

well, I could go on.. and on... but if you can afford it and you can keep both bikes. Do it. IF you sell one, you'll find youself wondering why you did such a thing....

Go for the grand slam and buy the CR450 :)

Okay, my only problem is the fact that you have this problem. If given the choice I would still have the bike I grew up on, 1973 Honda TL125 but due to low life no good thieves I no longer have that GEM. Not that it is anwhere near the same as my WR, but I would have that thing in mint condition sittin in the garage just waiting for a joy ride. I am tinkering with the idea of buying a new GAS GAS(trials) and I might get something with the infamous happy button but no way in HELL would I sell my WR. Okay enough of the run on sentences I am gonna leave this area of conversation and go back to my whisky on the rocks(muscle relaxer). I just did fifty miles in the trees on the WR and it kicked my A$$.

Keep them both if you can. I have missed my KTM since trading in on the WR since. The WR is better but still :) Miss that old bike.

Hey guys, thanks for all the input. I went on a killer ride on Saturday and rode the KTM. It did great! I also put the FMF Q on the WR and brought it along. The rangers love the FMF and they didn't even bother to sound check it. He told me that is what they are recommending to get around the sound problems. Ron in SoCal is right. There is someone I know who is still riding my old TT350 and he is coming up soon to go riding. I'll let him ride the WR. I am very lucky to have both bikes. I was a little frustrated with the KTM when I posted this. But, I do realize the potential of that bike. I'm too tired tonight to do it but, I will do a little write up on my experience so far with the KTM. Yamakaze, I will be sending my old WB to you in exchange for your stocker. Dan, Dan, and Ron, I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. I hope its not too hot! I'll go anyway if you all are still up for it. Silicon Mike, no history in the family. I'm the first! :) By the way you missed a good ride last Saturday. Thanks to all, Paul

Hey Paul,

Probably could start a new/old topic here, but I see you went from the Big Gun Quiet series to the FMF Quiet Core? Pros and cons?

I want the most usable power with the least noise (most important) and have been hoping to buy the Big Gun Quiet.Should I?

Figured the Race Insert would then be cheap enough for my occassional need to be humbled in public. (I don't care what the T-shirt says: Age and Treachery are NO match for youthful "immortality" and 'nards) :)

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