i have just got wr400f 2002, whats the best pipe

i need a race pipe for my wr400f 2002, i am in the uk so does anyone know where i can get one from and the price of one, Also what els can i do to make it faster. :)


anything you can find including a YZ Exhaust will be better then stock.

I took my f m f power core 4 of because it's so loud and put the stock pipe back on removed the end baffel and it seams to work good in the woods , also is a bit quiter and has a spark arrestor .

The white Bros E series works well , but is a little loud, other than that check out off-road dealers for other cans ! pay anything from £200 to £700 :)

I love my White Bro. E series. Loud but awsome!

'Faster' huh? What a nice subjective term that is...

If you want a 'faster' engine, do the YZ timing mod... if you want to accelerate 'faster', get a bigger back sprocket, if you want to go 'faster' in top speed on the straight bits, get a smaller back sprocket...

If you want to get faster lap times, then work on your fitness & technique...



yo thanks for that mate :)

No problems... LOL that advice of mine is worth about as much as you paid for it... LOL

I know there are a couple of lads from the UK on this side of TT, haven't seen them post for a while, Taffy and Guy, they may have some clues for you... I presume you could get most of the same brands that the US guys talk about on the board... Does noise bother you?, there are plenty of noisy pipes out there... do you want maximum weight savings? I have the stock pipe on my bike - though the dealer is always trying to sell me a Titanium one every time I go in for oil or chainlube... LOL

Good luck, are there many Dirt Bike magazines in the UK, that originate in the UK? they might be your best bet for the local availability and suitability...

Good luck,



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