03' to 07' yz 450. Much differencs?

I no there are a ton of threads on this, but not exactly addressing my case. Right now i have a 03' yz 450, and i am either going to buy and 05' yz 250f, or an 07' yz 450. I am thinking about the 250f because i want something that feels a little lighter, and doesnt plow so rediculously bad in the corners, also i have trouble riding agressivly on the 03' cuz of the rediculoud low end hit. I am wondering if the 07' handles that much better than the 03'? Also, does it have a more managable powerband? If there isnt really much of a noticable difference, ill be going with the 250f, but one thing about that, i think id miss the power of the 450 on long tracks. Im so confused. :thumbsup:

You really need to asked someone if you can do a couple of laps on their 07 first, the difference between those two years are huge in the motor and ergos. IMO the 03' has a harder hitting motor and is kinda top heavy. The 07' has a smooth motor and feels very light and flickable in comparison.

The biggest difference you will feel is the suspension. Comparing your 2003 to the 2006, 2007 or 2008 is like night and day. IMO the 2007 450F is not that much better than the 2006. You can easily pick up a lightly used 2006 cheap and add the 24mm Applied triple clamps for exceptional handling.

personally i like the hard hitting motor but i dont like how the 07s corner it almost like you have to throw yourself in to it or like downward

Biggest difference is that the 07 will feel like it is 50-60lbs lighter.....this is due to the Center of Gravity COG is much lower on the 07. The weight is carried much higher on the 03

other major differences

07 will way out corner a 03 period

03 will feel much faster...it hits much harder at lower rpms....mid and top are similar depending on gearing

03 will wear you out 5x times faster....as the 07 is much smoother

suspension on 07 is night and day better than 03

Well im looking for a bike that feels lighter, doesnt wear me out so fast, and preferably doesnt just plow uncontrolably through corners. The 07' seems like a good bet to me. I dont wanna buy a 250f and miss the power of my 450.:thumbsup:

Compared to the 03 the 07 is lighter, smoother, faster, better suspended, better handling. The 03 does have better hand holes in the side panels that make it easier to lift on a stand.:thumbsup: Other than that it pales in every way to the 07.

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