XR-650R lighting puzzle

One for the electrical gurus! I have an XR-650R (DK) with upgraded 120 watt stator. I installed a 60/65 watt halagon auto bulb in my headlight to replace the 35/35 incandesent bulb. It seems to work fine. The stock headlight has three wires. BLUE for highbeam, WHITE for lowbeam and GREEN for ground. When the switch is in lowbeam one of the two filiments glows. when the switch is on highbeam the other one glows. What I want to do is have both filiments energized when I select highbeam. How do I wire it to do this? Any reason i shouldn't? On one the cars I have, both filiments light when highbeam is selected and you get more light.

I put a jumper from the BLUE to the WHITE to see what would happen. The result; when low selected one filiment lights. When high selected neither lights :thumbsup: . Thanks for any help!

Let me add the headlight is running on ac (100 watts). Thanks for any help.

i dont have an answer for you, but where in japan are you located?

also, keep in mind that it will fail JCI for a light that is too bright as well as too dim. i have a XR600R (U) model from OZ, and the headlight had to be swapped back to stock for the inspection...

If you're talking about the "running" light, don't even bother. That dinky bulb won't help your 65w light now. I changed to a 55w/100w and it makes a big difference. I also have twin (not DOT legal) 100w lights not on the bike. My XR600R has the same bulb as you, but I added twin 35W widebeams. These help my cause as there are a lot of deer here that like to run into you!

I upped the blub in my snowmobile to a high wattage. That constantly failed due to heat as I rode mainly with the highbeam on. I also melted my tailight lens on my R when the brake light stuck on and was running a larger bulb!!!Just factor in the heat on your setup. If your mount, housing, and especially your reflector in the headlight assembly is plastic, you may run into trouble. Good luck:thumbsup:

That is the way the bulb is supposed to work.

I'm in Iwakuni (near Hiroshima). I passed the JCI already so its not a problem for another year and I hope to be gone before then, if not I'll put the lower watt bulb back. Still hoping someone can help with the wiring question!

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