Dunlop 756/752 Whats the Difference?

I'm running 756 front, last weekend rode with a YZF with 752 front. Whats the difference? Dunlop's web-site was not too infomative. I also noticed this guy's 752 was made in France. Nice looking tire too, it looked much like a 756 but perhaps a bit wider spaced knobs and more spiked shape.

Thanks Guy's


i think they discontinued the 752 didn't they? maybe not, but the kenda trakmaster is the exact copy of the 752 also. but the kenda front is not a very good tire quality wise, the back tire rips though. I thought for some reason the disc. the 752 though. the 756 replaced it and is supposed to be better.

Yes, the 752 is supposed to be discontinued but, there are a ton of them still in circulation. To me, the 752 seems to work better in truly soft conditions, ie. mud, and the 756 seems to work nearly as well, but works much better when the terrain starts to harden up. Thats my opinion.

Well I use a 756 on the rear tryed the 752 it did not last as long and knobs chunked off real bad.I have gone thru alot of 756 s they are great for the ca. desert!!!!!

The 752 is a soft terrain, and the 756 in intermediate. The 752 will NOT last if used on pavement, where the 756 will.

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