Will a 98' rear wheel work on a 99'?

I purchased a YZ400 98' rear wheel and, as you might already know, it is not fitting my 99'. Anything I can do to make it work. Thanks

Look at the online parts catalogue and check part numbers for the bearings and spacers...I believe hubs are all the same even thru the 450s.

Nope. The '98 hub is a different part than the '99 and later hub, which is still used.

If I remember right, the axle is smaller on the '98 as well. I'm not at all certain that it can be fit to a later swing arm using OEM parts.

I have a question for you guys, does this wheel fit the YZ250?

They are interchangeable within the right year range, yes. '99 and later YZ wheels interchange (you need the correct outer spacers for the bike in which it will be used) and '98 back to ? will interchange.

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