Found a Edlebrock, put in on, and oh-yeah!

What is wrong with the 600?

Nothing is 'wrong' with it.

get your self a smaller countershaft if you want to wheelie an L model

Just smaller and older, right?

Totally different bikes. Nothing in common. The 600R is similar to the L, but the L has E-start.

Nothing wrong with a 600R, either. Ride the crap out of it! If you ever get a chance, ride a 650R, and you'll notice the difference right away.

Suckers are fast! I read somewhere where a guy called the R "the 454 big-block of dirt bikes."

I have to agree. It's my favorite bike of all time!:thumbsup:

the "the 454 big-block of dirt bikes."

...except unlike a muscle car, this one has 'handles'.......

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