How do I make my WR more YZ like?

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to ride my WR400 for 2 hours and then ride a YZ400 for 2 hours. The YZ felt a little lighter, turned quicker, and seemed to hook-up better. Above all what I liked best was the way the rear wheel was acting. It seemed to be in a controlled slide, that I loved. I could steer with my but which is the way I like to ride.

Upon getting back on my WR I realized my bike absorbed the terrain much better, had a more solid ride and was more comfortable. I liked my suspension (race tech) better. I decided I liked my WR better but would like to have some of the YZ characteristics The YZ had a 53 tooth rear sprocket with a stock chain (4 teeth up). (stock chain meaning real wheel forword.

· Questions: From all the posts I have read it seems I can make the WR steer much quicker by installing a YZ type Clarke tank and seat combo. (3.2 gal)

· The gear ratio change is a given but what about moving he rear wheel forward as Kamikaze has done. Did that controlled slide feeling in the rear come from moving the tire forward?

· What could be the good and the bad of moving the tire so far forward. Someone said I might do endo’s on steep hill climbs.

· I am a aggressive (maybe a little crazy) trail rider. Thanks, Fred

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The YZ tank and seat will move you farther forward and give you better control. Moving the wheel forward WILL NOT make you loop out on hill climbs. It give you tighter handling and more control (Like the YZ) if you raise the forks UP in the tripple clamps 1/2 inch, the combination will give you virtually the same handling charicteristics as the YZ. The other difference is that the YZ utilizes a 19inch rear tire and the WR an 18inch rear, This gives the YZ a slight advantage in the low end dept. You can off set that advantage with the 53 tooth sprocket on the WR. The only remaining item then would be the weight....Remove the headlight and replace the rear fender with the YZ fender for the same year model.

Bonzai :)

DON't get the 3.2 gallon clarke tank if you want YZ handling. get the YZ replica that holds something like 8-9 litres.


I like the YZ style Clarke 3.2 with a yz type seat, but softer foam. Steering is much better after the change.

i have a white YZ tank which i would sell

I would get the 3.2 gal. tank if you still plan on long rides,My IMS tank/YZFseat combo allows for agressive "attack position" and does improve your cornering ability.The fuel is carried lower than the stock WR tank.It also has good access to the choke+hot start.Retails from IMS as a package for $300.-XnQmscZcelQIpWZ.JPEG

i had the clarke 3.2 gallon set-up for a year and it doesn't handle the same as a YZ. not even close. you want YZ handling you get the small tank. full stop.



I have a YZ seat in new condition, $60 if your are interested. mike

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Brian, Yes that's a Scotts stabilizer,mounted with a new optional mounting system from Scotts. It uses a blliet alu. link arm that has 2 Spherical bearings pressed into it. These bearings have no play and are self lubricated with teflon. The frame anchor block is welded on.Here's a pictureeRKIScZLFOpaSZb.JPEG

I can't imagine using that scotts set-up in the woods for long. My average ride would rip the adjusters off in no time at all !! Have you had any problems ?

Hey Missile, If you thrash the bottom of your # plate that hard,how do you keep your radiators on?

It would be easy to add a guard attached to the front dampener stand-off to protect the adjusters.

I have not had any problems with tearing off my adjusters though.

That is a sweet mount setup. I like it much better than on the bars. I saw several pro's at the last GNCC with WER's mounted like that. I'm gonna have to talk to MXTuner about setting mine up like that.

Bonzai :)

Butterman, I'm just thinking of how flimsy those adjuster are. I regularly brush branches, logs and what-not in get-offs, trajectory mishaps etc. It looks like it wouldn't take much side impact to bend/break those little buttons off. A guard would be good but then again access?...adjustability ?

Open or desert riding is another story, I dont think the same applies.

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