lower triple clamp disassembly from rod

Anyone tried it?

It is supposed to get heated in oven, material expands, alu more than steel, and it is easier to take apart.

Problem is, that rod has bearing and rubber seal on and rubber doesnt like heat.

It seems that bearing can not be removed without taking the rod out of the clamp.

enchanted circle.



its a pain in the neck... when i replaced those bearings i ended up just using a chisel and cutting the lower one in half to remove it. to get it back on i used a peace of tubing that was the same size and the inner race and tapped it on with a hammer... a press would be alot better though so it puts pressure evenly around the whole thing.

I think you'll find the shaft is alloy as well (put a magnet on it).

If you were to heat it in the oven, the alloy shaft would expand making the bearing an even tighter fit (it doesn't expand as much).

Sorry, I don't know of any easy way but freezing the whole thing might work cos the alloy shaft should shrink more than the metal bearing, enabling you to prise it off. Never tried it myself, but I'm willing to let you have a go. :thumbsup:

I'd like to keep the bearing in one piece, just want to remove the rod for clamp anodizing, so bearing can stay on.

Already tried press from back side, but seems like sth would crack before rod would give up.

Maybe located heating of the clamp, avoiding the rod, expanding the alu area would help.

I just checked the service manual and it says nothing about the steering stem. Just replace it if it is bent. I believe you can just press the steering stem down thought the lower triple clamp and the bearing will fall off as a result. I have not done this.

You may want to search or post in the YZ forum there is a lot of talk about replacing triple clamps with different offset for better cornering on tight motocross tracks.

I am sure you could get a quick answer from them.:thumbsup:

Cant press it out, used quite strong press, but no go, maybe if preheated.

Thnx on the tip, will try there.

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