New Wr426 owner in NJ with a few ??'s

1st of all just wanted to say hello. I'm new to this whole dirt thing so I have a few ?'s. This is my 1st dirt bike and I'm only 36 :). I've been riding street bikes since I was 17 and race a gsxr750 in ccs and fusa.

Well to make a long story short, my gf moved out so I was pissed off and shot down to the yamaha shop and picked up a new 2001 wr.

So far I've had it to a nice pit and to the local mx practice track. So far it's been fun but it's so very different from street riding. I'm getting schooled by 11yr old's.

well on to my ?'s

How hard is it to make the WR street legal in NJ? I've heard of people getting it registered in VT but have no idea on how to do it. Any help would be great.

Why does this bike feel like it's fuggin 10 feet tall? I'm not short (5'11 and 190lbs) but I feel like a midget on it.

Anyone in NJ who does not mind showing a slow guy around or would like to point me toward a good place to ride, please do.





Where in NJ are you located? Chatsworth ( has a nice park with a few tracks and woods loops...200.00 a year...all in all a pretty cool legal place to ride. I also ride at the atco motocross track....really cool track but would be intimidating for beginners. I also go to a pit in atco thats not to far from the motocross track every once in a while....its good to practice jumping and going into berms over and over there. Let me know if you want to check out any of these places and I'll meet you there and show you around. Good luck with the bike!


Hi Njracer and welcome to thumpertalk.

Don't worry about your seat height. After a few rides your shocks get broken in and soften up.

As for your licensing options, I am not sure you can pull the Vermont card anymore. I am sure others will chime in here. Right now it is getting difficult to street legalize Red sticker bikes unless designated as a street vehicle at time of purchase. This too can be complicated and sometimes just the luck of the draw regarding inept DMV offices. Some make mistakes over and over while others, like mine, are on it.

Welcome again,



Where are you located in NJ? I'm in Essex county. I ride with a bunch of guys all about your age (give or take a few). We do mostly woods riding in NJ and PA. No serious motocrossers in the lot - just a bunch of hacks who like to have some fun.

Would be more than happy to have you join the crew anytime you want. We usually ride on Sundays (sometimes Saturdays). A group of us our heading out to a place called Paragon Adventure Park in PA this Sunday. Let me know if your interested.

T James

Hey, I went thru VT for my plate, and all they wanted was either an MSO, or Title to register. Piece o cake.


Thanks for the welcom!

Where is this park in PA located? I'm in Old Bridge and would like to see how far it is from me.

BTW - Who is riding this weekend and where? I would love to get a ride in on Satrday. Sunday might be out of the question since I think me and a friend or two will be heading up to Marcus Dairy for Super Sunday (street ride).

As much as I want seat time on the WR, I just dumped a ton of cash into my RC51 (front and rear Ohlins) and have yet to take it up to N. NJ and NY for some twisties.

Let me know whats going on this weekend...and again THANKS!



I too started riding in the dirt again last year and I am also in my late 30's. It was quite an adjustment from riding street bikes but it has been a blast. I ride with my friends up in Jack Frost(Traxx) in Pa. Its about 75min from morris county and they have a 3,5 and 10 mile enduro plus 3 MX tracks. It has a little bit for everyone, beginners to expert. We go up almost every weekend so if you are interested send me a PM.

BTW, the guys I ride MX with also road race GSXR's with NESBA and Reduc, so you would have alot to talk about. Perfect opportunity to get over that ex girlfriend :)

Yup, their tall, may look into having your suspension lowered.


Dodger :):D

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