Theft Safety

I just recently bought an 03 wr450f, supermoto street legal. I want to be able to ride it to work, but that means i have to leave it in the parking lot all day. Since it just has the ignition on/off switch, it would take 5 seconds for someone to jump on and take off with my bike.

What do you guys suggest as safety against this? Im gonna buy a disc lock as soon as possible but i was thinking if maybe there was some possible way to run a key ignition?? Thanks


search for "key AND ignition", lots of info...SC

I use a hidden toggle switch and put a railroad padlock through the rear sprocket and around the chain. It's not a bad idea to use a cable and padlock and secure the bike to a pole or fence post.

I added a key, got a grizzly keyswitch off of ebay. I also use a NY chain and leave it on the pole.


I put a switch off of a blaster on mine. but I had to solder the wires on to the two termails on the switch to make it work right ,it was backward

Yea definately gonna get a lock, but wanna get some kinda just to give me a little better feeling of leaving it somewhere..

where can i get a keyswitch? And how does it actually work? Will the keyswitch from Baja Designs work on an 03 wr450f?? Thanks

were are going to leave it?

Just joking . It would cost me too much to fly over

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