2008 WR 450 Exhaust Systems - FMF, DrD, Pro Circuit, Yoshimura

On the Dr. D exhaust with pipe, do you have to loosen the pipe to get at the oil filter? does anyone know? I thought this was an issue before. I'm thinking of buying one but I had heard of this awhile ago.

Yes, you have to loosen the header bolts. It's not a problem. The header pipe goes a bit lower than the stock header for one reason that I can think of. DRD also sells a radiator lowering kit. In order to use the lowering kit you have to use their header pipe. Rather than sell two types of header pipes they sell one--my guess but it makes sense to me.

In the scheme of things, removing the case protector to change the oil and then getting the new oil set to the right level are bigger pains than loosening the pipe.

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