The "New TT". Wow, What a change.....

Steve and Bryan, Nice job!! Im sure this will make things faster and mo betta. Although lurking around kind of feels like taking an old Triumph (with the shifter on the right side) out to Glen Helen for the first time.....

<font color="orange"> Dan....

I'm trying to reserve my feelings on wether I like the new look or not by surfing around on the site for a while first. It's always hard to change when you are REALLY used to something. Its been the same format since the first Bryan had the site.

I think I'm going to like it though. It seems to have more options and its obviously in very capable hands. Thanks Bryan & Steve! :):D

What do the stars mean?

Looking good! Yippeeee - my first post. :)

having a really hard time using this. Dosent seem to flow all that well. have to refresh in order to reply to anything

Doesn't seem as user friendly to a noncomputer guy like me.

I did like all the directions in the FAQ's.

Maybe they'll help me post a picture.

Husky, How can I help you with posting photos? I was baffled for a long time too, it's alot easier than you think. Just remember that a photo must have a home on a website! You can't just pull it off of you computer and put it up. You have to go to a site to "host" (or hold) your photo like "pixfun" (the one that I use) because it's free and easy. You simply upload your photo to Pixfun and then you "copy and paiste" the address bar at the top of the screen of the uploaded photo, then go to TT and in the body of the post and paiste the address of the photo that you copied with "Brackets" on both sides of the paisted link just like this"

[image] http//www.pixfun.huskyriderphoto.jpg [/image]

Now that I've made up a phony photo you won't see any photo, it was just for an example.

Once you understand the code the rest is gravy because ThumperTalk is based off of the ubb code and most other commands are similar to posting a photo. HR, if you have further questions PM me with you phone number and I'll walk you through it. Good luck, dan

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