all you master mechanics 2004 yz 450f yalves

i need to adjust the valves on my bike and i have never done it before, what do i need to do it shims tools , how long will it take?

or should i take it to the bike shop for 100.00



The first thing to do is to check the clearances and find out if there's any more work than that that needs to be done.

Ordinary automotive feeler gauges will work. If you don't have a set that's marked with metric equivalent sizes, you can pick up a set at a car parts store for $5. Use a .004" and a .006" on the intakes, and a .008" and a .010" on the exhausts in place of the .10-.15mm and .20-.25mm sizes. Use them as "go, no go" gauges (for example, if the .004 fits, and the .006 doesn't, the intakes are good.

Don't be surprised if it doesn't need anything. If it does, take a look at this:

Need a manual?

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