throttle cable

I was riding in the Mojave last weekend with a friend. Hr rides a YZ400. When we returned from a ride we noticed his return throttle cable was broken / sheared in half (approx 1" from the carb). Has anyone else experienced this?


I believe this is a common problem. It can be corrected by properly adjusting the cables at the carb in order to align the cables with the pulley. On my bike, I had to bend the brackets that held the cable adjusters. You might want to remove or loosen and rotate the carb to check this alignment. Hope this helps.


Terry Cable also make a trick throttle wheel that prevents fraying and keeps it in alignment.

Bonzai :)

It's very common. My 98 WR has just finished munching on it's second cable. At the current rate of consumption it will need a third cable after 10,300 miles on the odometer.

I have heard that Yoshimura also makes the throttle wheel for the FCR carb on the DRZ. Which is the same carb on the WR/YZ.

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