Making my 03' turn a little nicer.

I know this is talked about alot, but basicly all i can find on this topic is how to make it turn better without spending any money. Well, i want to put a little money into my 03' this winter (decided on keeping it), and i was wondering, what will make it turn a little better? It seems to want to just stand up straight in corners, and plow through corners when it finally does lean over. I was thinking about buying a linkage, i was looking at storm cycles, it's fairly well priced and it says it will help my bike stop standing up in corners, is this true? Also, are triple clamps worth the money? If they do make a big enough differance i will be buying a good set. Any other suggestions to help would be apreciated.:thumbsup:


On an '03, I would use a Strom link or pull the forks up in 5mm increments until I liked it. Both will accomplish an increase in head angle, which will help stop it from pushing and make it turn in a little easier. There will be a penalty in high speed stability (not huge) and the bike may tend to "tuck under" in rough, tight turns if you get carried away.

The 22.5mm clamps I tried on mine didn't help the push, but gave the steering a lighter feel, and made it more willing to turn in. They also made it want to dig at the edges of ruts, and follow subsurface ruts in sand washes to a rather uncomfortable degree. I didn't care for it. Try the forks at 5mm, then 10, and go from there. If you like that, Put a Storm link on and run the forks back flush to start with.

ok thanks.:thumbsup:

What kind of tire are you using? I would try what grayracer said and try a Dunlop 756.

I'm running a storm link on my '03 450. I have a dunlop 756 and have the forks slid up 10mm. The bike does turn better than it used to, but it still takes more effort than other bikes.

It feels "floppy" in some corners when I'm not riding as hard (fast) as I can. When I'm fresh and pushing as hard as I can the bike feels much better.

another vote for Storm....:thumbsup:

right now im running a 755, should i buy a 756? im buying new tires this winter anyways.

IMO I would go with the Dunlop 756, have you set your sag correctly? I would also spend the $$ and get your suspension revalved and resprung to your weight and riding style. Getting your suspension worked on is the best bang for your buck.

I run the Stormlink on my 04', and it was well worth the money. I also moved the forks up 10mm, from the stock setting. Both of these helped the standing up in turns feeling, but I highly recommend you also run a Pirelli Scorpion PRO tire on the front.

With using the Stormlink, bringing the forks up 10mm, and switching to a Pirelli Scorpion Pro, the bike turns much better.

I don't recommend the Dunlop 756, it's a decent tire when new, but it doesn't inspire as much confidence as the Pirelli does. When riding off-road on a lot of rocky, and hardpack areas, I never had total confidence in the front with the Dunlop. When I went to the Pirelli, it made the bike "trustworty", and I no longer feared washout.

Oh, by the way, if you go with the Stormlink, you'll have to play with the sag setting, I think I found 106mm to give the best results.


Oh, by the way, if you go with the Stormlink, you'll have to play with the sag setting, I think I found 106mm to give the best results.

Good point, they recomended 105 to me instead of the stock 100. I'm runnig the dunlop 756 now but I've heard a couple guys praise the pirelli.

Has anyone tried the new Bridgestone 403/404s? Magazine guys (Dirt Rider) say they are worth a try.

You can try a 90/100/21 front tire

if a 756 works well for you...a better longer lasting choice is the Michelin Starcross MS3s tire of choice and they last much longer

i have a starcross on the rear, i know it works well there.

has anyone tried the rekluse adjustable front axle?

That seems like a good idea

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