is there enough chain for 52 teeth

Just wondering if any body was put a 52 tooth rear sprocket on there 07 450. I dont like the idea of a 12 tooth on the front. Not sure if there is enough chain and might have to get a longer one.:thumbsup: I know a rekluse would help on the slow tight stuff but dont have the money now. I think this would help for the time being.

Why not go with a 13 on the front? Standard is 14 and 1 tooth on the front is equal to about 3 on the rear. I run 13/49 myself...SC

My stock 2007 wr450f came with 13/50 gearing. I just put a 15 tooth sprocket on the front of mine with the stock chain . I don't think it would make any difference what end you ended two teeth to . So I'd say it will fit no problem

The 07 come with 13/50 combo stock so already have a 13 on the front. I do wish it was like the previous years because that would be the easy fix. 2 teeth up front or 2 in the rear should be the same total distance it should fit. Thanks for the help. A 15 tooth up front, that must have a high top end.

Its tight to get the chain on, but it will work. I put a IronMan 51 tooth sprocket on my bike after I changed the rear tire to a 140/80. The bigger tire made feelable difference in bottom end, so I increased from the standard 13/50 to 13/51 and all is good. You will notice on the bottom chain guide on the swingarm you will be maxed on size. 13/51 is very close.

You will like the control and bottom end on the 13/52.

my 07 wr450 is dual-sported and the 15 tooth sprocket fixed the high rpm's on the road going to work . but it made it almost too fast in low gear . trade offs . I don't know what would fix it right . a new higher 5th gear would be nice .

I did not know they dropped to a 13-tooth with the '07. You learn something new everyday I guess. Bummer for you guys. I would just bump up the rear to a 52 and see what you get. Not many other options...SC

For some reason they changed the gearing in the tanny so the final output with the 13/50 combo is the same as previous years. I dont know what they did it for but it does make them a little harder gear down. Oh well I will deal with it I still love the bike.

I've got an 05 and I ran my first XC race and found out 2nd is too tall and 1st is way too low. I'm putting a 52 on mine before I go back. I'd rather use 2nd and 3rd over 2nd and the clutch.

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