2000 YZ426 complete exhaust system for sale.New condition

I have a comlete 2000 YZ 426 exhaust for sale including head pipe and silencer.System has approxomatley 10 hrs use and works fanatstic.I have purchased a 2001 YZ 426 hence I no longer have use for the system.

The silencer is compatable with the 2001 WR head pipe.I am asking $95 for the system plus shipping or I will take a brand new RCA Direct tv satellite sytem as even trade plus shipping.System must have a Virgin Hu(football) card with no contracts or subscriptions.Please E-Mail if interested at fashing@execulink.com


email me at


I was going to buy one off an other guy but no reply..

so I'll buy yours. send me the name you want on the cashier's ceck,

see want it cost to ship to Elderton Pa 15736

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