GPR/DH1 question

I am about to order a GPR pro kit for my 98 WR, and I'm wondering what setup you guys went with. A quick call to GPR got me the recommendation of DH1 clamp position #3, with CR low bend bars.

What clamp and bars did you go with, and what do you think ? I am 6'1", and could definitely use a little more forward room than stock when standing up on the bike.



I have the GPR/DH1 clamp w/ Tag CR Hi bars and will ride it for the first time this weekend. I recently installed the Fastway Low Boy pegs (which is the same as doing the free mod, 1/2" lower, 1/2" back) and the clamp has the bars in the first set of holes (closest to the rider). I'm taking it out for the maidne voyage with this setup so I'll let you know. I'm 6'3" as a reference point.

How did the install go ?

Did you get the weld on or clamp on post ?

Install went well, it's the bolt on version. Rode Saturday and it was definitely noticeable.

The bar position is different than before so it's going to take a couple rides to get used to.

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