I think my Yamaha dealer is crazy. WR450 street legal

According to Yamaha, the new WR250R/X is supposed to put out a little more than 30 kW, which is equivalent to 40 hp. That's as much as my WR400 puts out. Not bad for a 250. If they can scale up a 450 with the same power/cc, lighten it up and give it a decent suspension system, I'm all over it. Weight may not be an issue because a little post-purchase fat trimming may do the trick. I do have a feeling though that I will be disappointed with the WR450R, especially regarding lack of suspension travel and ground clearance.

According to Yamaha, the new WR250R/X is supposed to put out a little more than 30 kW,

That number is most likely at the crankshaft, not the rear wheel.

That number is most likely at the crankshaft, not the rear wheel.

Yeah, and I just rechecked the numbers because I wasn't sure of my memory. It's 22.6 kW (@ 10,000 rpm), which is only 30 hp so it's probably like about 25 hp at the rear wheel. Not impressive to me anymore. Oh well...

Why is it that dealers know less about motorcycles than the riders? This aplies to salespeople as well as mechanics.

Because, we, the riders are enthused about the sport. They just want to sell the crap, could give a :thumbsup: about what it is, and don't care whether you live or die the moment you leave their store.

We have enthusiasm, they don't. We're interested. They're not. That's my take on it.

When I heard of the new WR250X and R my first thought was why only a 250??:busted:

so you have to rev the engine out more and therefore replace more top ends probably

i have posted the maintainance specs on my 05 450sm a few times....

9k miles and had my first rebuild (all it needed was rings) oil changes every 1k miles and not a problem......now tires are a different story...

and the 250x is not a true motard.. look at the tire sizing (...but it is a step in the right direction

A KTM 300 XC, XC-W, or otherwise isn't going to be street legal in California no matter what you do. You can pull it off in some states, but California wouldn't be one of them.

Why do DRZ's weigh more than what? A KTM 300? 4-strokes weigh more than 2-strokes. There's more parts. If you look for the other thread going now, a DRZ E is in the same weight class as all the other comparable machines.

WHat I'm getting at is a drz/xr???l/klx all weigh in at around 300

with the exception of the ktm 450 exc being street legal, mx bikes and such are under 250. WHy is it that adding a battery, starter, and some lights at about 25-30 lbs all of a sudden makes the street legal bikes weigh in over 290? Why is ktm the only one that can make a street legal bike around 250?

The local Yamaha dealer yesterday told me that there would be a new WR450 dual purpose bike in 2008, having 6 speeds and fuel injection. I have search the internet for this info and can't find anything. Any of you DRZers know anything about this?

I think this is what you guys are talking about. We have heard no news of a 450 version here in Oz.



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