clutch adjustent on SSR 125

manual didnt have crap on it. but i have a lever adjustment which i know how to set but what about in conjuntion with the setup on my jialing motor? it appears the other end of the cable has an adjustment similar to the lever on the side of the motor. sometimes when i try to start in anygear th.e bike jump forwards and creeps along slowly. when in gear the bike is hard to roll backwards when the clutch is pulled!

My SBA does the same thing. I would like information on this also. Thanks

do you guys have your clutch cables adjusted to lose,causing the clutch to not fully engage. Also yes the other end of the cable can be used as a adjuster also

wow thats an old post, already figured out my issue, had to pull the clutch cover and adjust it there

Thanks, I've adjusted the clutch cable with no success. I'll try pulling the cover and go from there.

I'm having the same problem.

I pulled the cover off and found there is a center flathead screw and what looks to be a 8mm nut around it.

Any idea how this is supposed to be adjusted?

its confusing that you have to tweak two bolts to get the setup right.

anyone have any idea how to adjust these?

post pics

If you want to adjust your clutch then watch this video. I used the same methods the guy did in the video and it worked perfectly. Just skip about half way through because the first half only talks about clutch cables.

He pretty much tells you to loosen the nut all the way, then loosen the flathead screw all the way out till it gets resistance, then all you do is screw the flathead in untill you recieve resistence, at taht point you just loosen it about 1/4 or even a 1/2 turn, then just tighten the nut around the flathead but makesure the flathead isnt turning with the nut.

its actually very simple

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