Christmas is coming....

...and I have a delema..

My 06 YZ450 is basically all stock besides the suspension, and as it sits it has over 100 hard hours on it. Heres my problem, do I sell it to get a new, fresh bike, or get some goodies for my bike.

I really like the idea of a 250f, the lightness of them is a massive plus for me, I can ride them faster, and hang it all out on the line about twice as long, but the sticker shock of a brand new bike and the engine life of a 250f is what makes me think. If I get a 250F my guess is it will see alot of rev limiter, would 75 hours be to much out of the stock top end?

If, I go the cheaper route and keep my 450, what should I do to freshen her up. Im thinking those new tubless tire inserts and maybe a lighter, shorter silencer. Anything else?

I know I posted this in the 450 section, but from what I have read, there are older and yzer guys over here and would like to here it from us 450 guys.

BTW, I am 158 lbs in gear, 6'1" and run B class.

Thanks in advance guys.

Well your def. not to heavy for a 250F. I personally love the 06 450 but than again im 200 pounds. lol

I've owned an '05 yz250f and now have the '06 250f and I've had it since it was brand new. My brother has always had the 450's but of course he's a lot bigger and needs it but......I had major wrist reconstruction and he took care of my 250f so I wasn't tempted to ride her while healing for months upon months and he just stiffened up the suspension a little and rode it a bunch. He weighs almost 300 pounds and I weigh 180. He raced it and everything. I can burn him on most parts of your average mx track but if I get on a 450, I'm only fast on straights and I get serious arm pump and just plain worn out! Basically what I'm saying is, I've raced my bike up and down and it's had 3 top ends. that's it! I've even gone close to 150 hours on one top end and it still ripped. Keep the oil changed(amsoil) and top ends 75-100hrs and those 5 valve yamaha's will live forever. Almost. Whatever size you decide on, don't buy a brand new one cuz there's always those dudes who buy then sell cuz their son or whoever got tired of it and you can just fine tune it, change the oil, tires, pipe and take her to the races for easily 1,000 dollars less! Happy riding!

Oh yeah and during top end replacement check valve clearance and adjust if needed. :thumbsup:

It all depends on what you can get for your bike. If the difference is too much between yours and a new one then I'd go through the bike and freshen it up. New steering stem, swingarm, shock linkage and wheel bearings to start. If your not getting a new exhaust then repack the stock one, you wouldn't believe how much of a difference that can make. If you feel comfortable with it check your valves, clutch components etc. You might even do a leak down test to see if your top end is worn. It's been said many times that your better off keeping everything in good shape, tires , chains, sprockets, clutch, levers/grips, fresh top end etc, than spending a bunch of money on aftermarket hop-up stuff. I think you could make your bike feel like new for around $500 if you don't have to get into the top end and that could be alot less then buying a new one.

Thanks for the replies looks like im going the cheaper route. Doenst look like I will have the money to buy a new bike, so im content with the bike I have now.

Rick, you mentioned keeping it fresh, I try to keep my bike as fresh and new as possable, the only thing I believe that might be worn are my rings. If I do a compression check, what number should I be looking for considering I did not check the compression when my bike was new?

I got a whole new look for my bike on its way already, pictures coming soon!

What you really want to do is a leak down test-with all the valves closed you pressurize the cylinder and then see how much leaks out. Motion pro has the tool. If you have a mechanic you trust you might ask him about doing it. It's not hard to do but the kit is somewhat expensive.I wouldn't be suprised if you engine is in good shape as the yamahas seem to last forever.

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