What size of Pirelli MT21's?

Gonna order some Pirelli MT-21's. What size is preferred for the XR650R?

I recently shod my pig with mt21's front and rear. The rear

was well knobbly for a road legal tyre and the front fairly

similar to other brands. I went for the 130 rear.

I have found that though wider tyres cost that bit extra,

they last longer before needing replaced ( bigger knobbs

take longer to wear down ). cheers, Craig

I went with a 140 rear and was pleased with the performance.

I was actually planning on running a 15t front sprocket, with the rear wheel adjusted all the way forward, and was concerned with tire clearance.

How much clearance is there between the tire and swingarm with the pirelli's?

Billy, I run 15/48 and my wheel was very far forward when

I changed to mt21( 130 ). Clearance was not an issue, and

I believe with a 140 this would also be the case.

cheers, Craig

My rear wheel is full forward,(13-50), and the 140 fits.

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