Street Legal 1991 XR600R, $350

Score. Got this one last night. Thanks Brandon!


Rolling frame on the right, engine bits in the foreground, head bits in the background, exhaust in the middle, XR200 butt in the immediate foreground.


Head bits in the foreground, engine bits in the middle, roller on the left, my '99 XR600R awaiting rebuilt WP shock in the background.


The roller with not one but TWO sets of front blinkers (and none in the back...) and my '99 in the background.

The bike has some choice bits like White Bros E-Somethingorother muffler, a head flowed by XR's only, frame guards, trick upper triple clamp machined to accept bar risers, Answer bars, and non-bald tires.

The bike ended up like it did because of oiling problems with the head. There's a bunch of fried rockers, two fried cams, and three of the four valves were hitting the piston. Luckily, I have two rocker boxes, 1.5 sets of new valves, and a 1.0mm over piston.

As I'm just going to box everything up as best I can and store it all till summer 2009, my quest for parts (and the money that it takes to collect all the parts) is still a year and a half off.



Sweeeeeeeet Ilove getting bikes cheep and with a little work they are a blast.:thumbsup:

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